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The profession and the challenges of Atelier Artwood

Atelier ArtWood, builder of 100% biosourced, ecological and low-carbon houses.

The teams operate in Gironde and Landes in France and realize different types of interior and exterior fittings, as well as carpentry and roofing works.

We work mainly with :

  • The final customer on residential projects (external arrangement and small extensions)
  • The project manager or the architectural studio following a request for an estimate. Then we take care of the realization and the installation at the customer's location.

The big organizational difference between the two is the management of the relationship with the customer.

The issues we identified before choosing Clovis

Historically, we use Toltech for invoicing but for the operational follow-up of construction projects we had a multitude of discussions on several channels (emails, whats app, sms, etc.)

Because of this problem, we could hardly manage the tasks related to several projects. We needed to simplify our communication channels, to facilitate the exchange of all documents and to be able to add notes and tasks, in real time, when we are on the field.

Setting up Clovis

When we started the company, we were two. But we took advantage of the lockdown to improve our processes by deploying Clovis. We started by setting up access rights, the document tree and projects.

Then we recruited new staff, which led us to refine our configuration of access rights to documents associated with those new users. It was at this point that we created project templates that could be duplicated in one click.

Since then, we organize regular meetings with our users to improve our current use and processes in Clovis. No need to mention the help of our teams who give us good advice on a daily basis.

The main steps of the deployment :

  1. Getting to know the document management system (Plan Box and EDM) to centralize all our documents and avoid the multitude of online storage services.
  2. Planning and assignment of tasks on projects to have a global vision of all tasks in planning and Gantt views.
  3. Interaction and tracking of tasks in mobility to allow our teams on the field to know in real time what needs to be done.
  4. Deployment of the internal messaging system (in progress) to facilitate the follow-up of exchanges and to have an exaustive history.

The type of users

We are 2 administrators (me and my partner) and we have access to all the data in our account. We also have 2 team leaders who manage 3 workers each, and they use Clovis on the field. In this case, they only have access to the projects they are working on.

We also make sure to centralize our business documents (quotes, invoices, technical documents, etc.) directly in the project folders.

We have started to give guest access to certain customers so that they can access the project steps and related documents. So far, the feedback is very positive!

The results

We save an incredible amount of time by simplifying our daily routine!

There are no more oversights and the centralization of our informations relieves us of a considerable administrative burden.

The paperless objective has been reached and the digital transition dynamic has been engaged.

Wood builder

Specialized in wood construction, I decided to equip my team of 10 employees with Clovis because we needed to save time daily, with an efficient and easy-to-use tool to monitor our work on any support. Since then, we have held a lot of time managing our projects and could not do without Clovis.

Laurent Roubinet
Atelier ArtWood
Alice Lacroix
Head of Customer Experience @Clovis. Passionate about BIM, innovations and sustainable constructions.

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